This booklet is not meant to be a position statement for left or the right or for Libertarian, Republican, Democrat or Tea Party but is meant to be an aid for anyone who has an interest in government that has God’s limits placed upon it. Without the wisdom of the Scripture being present in our society and in our government, our government will have no limit or limitations placed upon it; it will be its own God. Furthermore, in using the specific Bible verses no one should be so presumptuous as to take the verses out of context or use them to beat people over the head about their own particular taboo. The purpose of quoting Scripture, both privately and publicly, with regard to the government’s role is to educate people about the universal truths in the Scripture and how government should be according to those verses.

If left to the experts, politicians, talking heads, editorial opinion and

the public at large, government will have no limits. The demands of mankind’s sinful nature assures us of a constantly expanding approbation of human wants and desires. This conflicts with what God commands. God commands limits on approbation of flesh for the individual and the same applies to government. Quoting applicable Scripture can limit the behavior of man, and the same applies to government.

There was a time not too long ago when certain Universal Truths were accepted as such by most centers of influence. To a great degree, this is no longer so. A reasonable question is, what can be done? To have a government that accepts God’s limits on it, the present method of communication must change. That means a change in the discourse being used by human beings to define what government is and how it should be. If the discourse changes, the result will be different. As a principal conduit of modern discourse, let’s examine what is going on in the media and strategies used by those who wish to influence public policy.

In radio, television and newspapers there are many people who have been employed for the express purpose of presenting a particular political or social view-conservative, liberal or other. These all have one thing in common: they are competing to have the leading edge of the current view, rational or empirical. For the most part these are “the politically correct” from the left, right or some other sharply defined direction. These folks are normally selected because they are perceived as having great intellects. They base their views on one of two forms of perception. The first is rationalism; what a man thinks may be a solution or a reason by using his logic. The other view is empiricism, which approaches a given topic based on an experiment and the results of that experiment. Rationalism and empiricism are almost exclusively the approaches that are taken by the experts also known in the industry as the “talking heads.” On rare occasions, someone with faith may be in a discussion with others and quote a Biblical principle. It is interesting that they always seem to present a liberal or conservative or left or right position. That begs the question: Is there something that is neither left nor right? It is even more interesting that these pundits never seem to get to a solution. They only seem to express an opinion. We are always left devoid of a satisfactory solution. Where then is the wisdom? What is the solution?