Another point that cannot be overlooked is that there is an entertainment value that drives the discussion of government. The entertainment value is necessary for radio, television and even newspapers. If the media’s “experts” always seem to fall on the left or the right then it seems that their motivation is not driven by truth or wisdom but in fact by the money they are paid for asserting their opinion.

Audience ratings drive media. Advertising dollars follow the audience. Therefore opinions have an audience appeal and are not driven by Universal Truth.

There is nothing new under the sun. There being nothing new under the sun, these matters have already been resolved and are there for our view in the Holy Scripture. Of course, the talking heads and pundits do not look to the Scriptures for a solution. This was pointed out by our Savior Jesus Christ in Mark 7:9, “He is also saying to them, “You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition.” (NASB)

The experts and centers of influence have spent a lifetime getting to the level of influence where they are important people. They place great value on their opinion. They are arrogant about how much they know. They have invested much in their opinions. A Universal Truth that disagrees with their opinions has no value to them. Universal Truth, which agrees with their opinion, is not welcomed with zeal because it is not to their glory.

Wisdom is something that is derived from a Universal Truth found in the Holy Scripture, yet the experts never seem to quote the Scripture. The reason it is not quoted is because it does not glorify them.

We have printed this booklet in an effort to educate those who wish to change the discourse and give some suggestions on how to do it. The Word created Western Civilization. We believe it can be used to change the discourse in our country.