• Quoting Scripture in a public forum is what the LGIRS is about. It doesn’t matter who quotes it or why.

  • The purpose of the LGIRS is to encourage people, and especially public figures, to quote Scripture in person and in print.

  • In addition to spreading the gospel, quoting the Scripture can have a profound effect upon limiting our government.

  • Our founding fathers wanted limited government and the Bible commands a limited government. Some verses in the Scripture directly limit government. (See the verses noted in this booklet).

  • Our Bill of Rights is a perfect example of words that limit government. Each phrase and paragraph of our Bill of Rights has as its foundation a verse or verses in the Holy Scripture.

  • These are Universal Truths that God laid down for government in the Holy Scripture.

  • Acknowledgment of these truths in the Scripture limit government. When you quote Scripture you are acknowledging a Universal Truth.

  • It has been our Nation’s faith in those Universal Truths that has limited, formed and prospered our government for more than 200 years. Just being a Democrat, Republican or a Libertarian will not limit government.

  • It is faith in the Universal Truths by our citizenry that inculcates virtue and that limits our government. Our schools and our government are abandoning these Universal Truths.

  • It is through you that people will be reminded that these Universal Truths are real.

  • If the Scripture is quoted in public, your community and our nation will be blessed.

  • The only way government is limited is through its obedience to Universal Truth.